Luz Miriam Toro, has dedicated her life to the research and management of the archaeological heritage of pre-Columbian America, with emphasis on the Tumaco culture of Colombia and The Tolita culture of Ecuador. Her vocation emerged very early and her active involvement is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about pre-Columbian art as well as to its conservation and preservation for future generations; with the understanding that the inevitable displacement of archaeological objects requires that they be referenced to their own history, to the context and environment of the communities in which they were discovered, and to their intimate, often secret, meaning.

In 1971 she began working in her native city of Cali, Colombia, which is an area predominantly rich in indigenous burial finds of gold and ceramics. In 1973 she moved to the capital, Bogotá, where she continued collecting and selling pre-Columbian archaeological objects.

The collection was formed by Luz Miriam Toro, but from the beginning, she has been assisted by a multidisciplinary group of professionals: archaeologists, anthropologists, art historians, curators, architects, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers. The meeting of so many disciplines and teamwork has enabled Luz Miriam Toro to considerably expand her knowledge and consider the objects from a wider perspective.

Numerous exhibitions over the years have served to introduce and enhance the cultural heritage of Columbia which today belongs to all of mankind.

Luz Miriam Toro lives and works in New York.